Day 21- Peanut Butter

Every time a friend hits me up to ask how I’m doing with the challenge, I end up sharing a lesson or two with them. I shared this peanut butter experience with a friend and he encouraged me to share it on my blog.

I was at Daytona in Lekki Phase 1 where I saw that this jar of peanut butter costs N1,000. I had bought bread and was looking for some kind of spread. I actually thought I could afford peanut butter on my minimum wage salary. Who was I kidding?!

I was very shocked because I bought peanut butter quite often in the past but it never occurred to that it was so costly. Maybe things are more expensive now because of the FX rates but a small jar of processed peanut butter for N1000 really seemed outrageous. It wasn’t even organic!

When you have lived on N600 a day, you tend to see things differently. Now before I spend, I do the quick math of asking myself what proportion of my monthly salary this is. I decided that I could make peanut butter at home. I’m lucky to have a food processor. It will be much healthier and will cost me less than half the price.