Nigerian Queer Stories Being Told – Hamburg Edition Feb 2020

Dinning Room is an interactive installation created for the 3rd edition of Queer Bcademy in Hamburg. The festival took place from February 13 – 16, 2020 at Kampnagel.

What and where is the home are questions fundamental to the lives of Queer people and they are even more pertinent for queer people who live in countries with laws created to keep them unsafe and prevent them from having a chance at living free and fulfilling lives. Unfortunately, this is the case for many queer people living in Nigeria, and Dinning Room is an interactive exhibition specially created to honour this fact. 

At each place on the table, there is a piece of work to interact with. The table cloth itself is printed with select quotes from the first collection of Nigerian queer women stories, ‘She Called Me Woman: Nigeria’s Queer Women Speak’. The projection is a collection of hundreds of newspaper clippings from local Nigerian news showing the media’s obsession with anything gay or queer, and their propensity to spread homophobia in exchange for a little attention. There is also the short film 5 women: Is that person family, which tells the story of Queer women finding chosen family, and  the Instagram project Where is Home?”, sharing how all of us can find home in the most unlikely places. 

Dinning Room is a continuation of the work being done as a response to the sweeping rise of homophobia on the African continent in the last few years. The presentation is collaborative as it builds on previous work done by activists on the African continent. The current presentation is collaborative and iterative in that it invites other artists or non-artists to contribute to shaping the work.