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A Portrait of Uncle B Via Mary Oliver

This film is an ode to wandering. The method used to convey this subject, including the conception of the film is experimental and expansive. It draws inspiration from the essay film tradition and relies on interview practices in Documentary film. The film contains an interview with Nigerian photographer, Akinbode Akinbiyi and is accompanied by visuals, both removed from the interviewee but very much connected to him. Using Mary Oliver’s poem “Wild Geese” as the pivot point for the interview, the film asks viewers to open themselves up to an experiential encounter that attempts to re-shape and re-present sentiments that have been discussed by humans over and over again.

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5 Women: Is that person family?

There is a giant cloak of invisibility surrounding the lives of LGBTQ Nigerians. Many people do not dare to come out to those closest. If they are discovered, parents and relatives put them through deliverance and conversion therapies. Success is sadly defined as how well an LGBTQ person can put up with the torture of leading a double life. This film shares the stories of 5 lesbian and queer women living in Nigeria who navigate the lack of acceptance from their biological families and have created new families to help them counter feelings of isolation and intolerance.