S is For Sparkly Eyes

*shown at Osmosis Audio-Visual Media Festival, Taiwan, 2017
**shown at V I D E O E X International Experimental Film and Videofestival 2018
26 May – 3 June Zürich , Switzerland

“S is for Sparkly Eyes” and “I want to go again” are two videos created with the purpose of celebrating the female orgasm. These videos interrogate the contemporary sexual landscape by carrying the audience along simultaneous events of a woman orgasming through self-pleasure.

Attaining ownership of one’s sexuality as a woman is a journey, and sexual stimulation by self-practice (masturbation) is a key aspect of attaining this state of awareness. The videos make use of darkness, bright lights, the interjection of cut out eyes, geometric shapes, real-life recordings of a woman pleasuring herself, and the intermittent switching out of blurriness with clarity, in both sounds and visuals to illustrate the heightened sensations that accompany orgasm.

The bright lights present in both videos symbolize that attaining an orgasm for a woman is a thing of pride and liberation in a world where it is still uncommon for a woman to orgasm. The eyes serve as the innermost indicator and outermost expresser of an individual’s desire. The geometric shapes remind viewers that a woman’s sexual desires are multifaceted and intertwined.

The various types of female orgasm and how best to achieve them are contentious topics in both scientific and sociological discourse. In these videos, the artist simply elevates and celebrates its existence and women who take it into their own hands.