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Trump is President and the story of American Progressivism is Dead
Donald Trump is the 45th President of the USA and the story of America as a shining beacon of justice is a lie. If it weren’t a lie then he wouldn’t be president. If it weren’t a lie then Clinton should have won by a landslide but well over 58 million Americans elected this excuse of a man as President. Like many liberal non-Americans around the world, I never thought this day would come. But after Brexit, and now this, there’s the sinking realisation that the world is a shittier place that we thought. What we missed, I believe is the fact that the America we know from leftist television, press and perhaps short visits is vastly different from the America that voted in Donald Trump. The real America. Read more here

What it’s like living on 18,000 Naira a month and navigating the Lagos transport system
Living on the minimum wage sucks but having to survive on next to nothing in a city with a costly and ineffective transport system makes it worse. My anxiety levels have risen and my quality of life has dropped. There seems to be so much to do and to think about. In addition to carefully planning and preparing what I eat, I need to plan where I can afford to pay to get to. I am constantly worrying about how to get a free ride because I know that spending freely on transport will destroy my budget in a matter of days. Read more here

30 custom-made Louis Vuitton bags for Buhari’s daughter when Nigeria is starving
The problem of Nigeria is that people suffer so much that if they get a chance to elevate themselves at the expense of a large number of people, they will. This very behaviour that glamorises an excessive display of wealth only feeds that ‘Oga at the top’ mentality. Our leaders, especially the first family, are responsible for upholding moral values. In this case, it is apparent that they are out of touch with reality. Read more here