For the Minimum Wage Challenge, I lived on the Nigerian national minimum wage of roughly USD 50 for 30 days.  I recorded my experiences and shared them on my social media accounts and local news sites. The aim was to develop a new way of engaging with issues of poverty and inequality, and to inspire people to come up with creative solutions for the failing economy.

You can read some of my blog posts on it below.

#MinWageChallenge Diary- Day 4; The Bus Can Be a Dangerous Place

Today was an interesting day. I had a very important meeting in V.I. that I could not arrive at smelling or sweating. I’ve known this meeting was coming up for a while so I’ve been thinking of ways to arrive at their office without looking harassed. I had thought of leaving the house in a t-shirt then going to a nearby eatery to change. I was going to Balarabe Musa; there was no nearby eatery. Read more here

#MinWageChallenge Diary Day 11- I Went To Ice Cream Factory Because Things Are Hard
I’m sitting at Ice Cream Factory (ICF) in Phase 1 waiting for my friend to come scoop me up. I promised to help her with a presentation tonight and in return she will pay for the Belgian waffle and cafe latte I’m about to have. I normally don’t help my friends for food but when you are on minimum wage, you try to convert opportunities handed to you to either food or money. Read more here

#MinWageChallenge Diary Day 21- Peanut Butter
I was at Daytona in Lekki Phase 1 where I saw that this jar of peanut butter costs N1,000. I had bought bread and was looking for some kind of spread. I actually thought I could afford peanut butter on my minimum wage salary. Who was I kidding?! Read more here.

What does the average Nigerian think about the national minimum wage?